Spring blooms slowly into summer

Today a heavy downpour and booming thunder put an end to a week of hot sun we had here in Victoria. We were ready to believe summer was here. It had been blue skies and sun since last weekend when we were sailing around in the gulf islands with my dad and our friend Keiran. It was great to have dad out on the boat for the first time, and was I think the first time we have sailed together since I was a kid.

Dad and I in the old dinghy, “The Egg Shell”

Harry and I have even had several ocean dips this week- however brief. For me an ocean swim in Victoria usually means running into the water, yelling and making lots of noise, submerging and running out. Sometimes I go for the double dunk before fleeing to the warm beach. The water hovers around 9 degrees Celsius in most places around here.

Time is chugging along and as spring turns into summer we are busily completing boat jobs and accruing needed gear in anticipation of cruising around Vancouver Island. We’ll be leaving in another month, so the countdown is on.

Installing the salt water foot pump hose

We spent time installing a salt water foot pump to save precious fresh water while cruising. That job involved me getting up to my shoulders into the side of the bilge to feed a hose through some very tight and hard to reach gaps. Harry converted our jacket closet into additional pantry space by installing several bins on tracks so they can pull in and out. We’re going to need to be storing a lot of food for 6 people on the boat.

Our new dinghy arrived last week and we were able to assemble and introduce it to our new outboard. The new dinghy and outboard combo feel a little comically excessive right now (12ft and 20hp), in a calm bay. But they will definitely be necessary for us to reach remote surf breaks on the west side of the island and will allow us to explore more areas safely, as well as do more fishing. I certainly appreciate the stability of the new dinghy. It is much less stressful than trying to lift the dog into the tippy little bathtub of a row boat we had named The Egg Shell. I am struggling with the new outboard a little as it’s bigger and more powerful than I have had experience with. I find it difficult to pull start and the throttle accelerates so quickly that I find myself zooming away far quicker than I intend. This morning I accidentally zoomed us into the dock when I grazed the throttle with my arm while reaching to put it in neutral. Harry was standing up to tie the bow line and was nearly knocked overboard. I’ll get used to it.



One thought on “Spring blooms slowly into summer

  1. Fantastic new dinghy to help with shore leave and adventures. Happy to see you so busy preparing for the sail around Vancouver Island. I’m looking forward to reading more and enjoy the photos.


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