About Us

Musetta H&S
In the Bay of Islands, NZ on another well-loved little sailboat called Musetta. (Ellen Borglund took this photo)

I’m Sarah, I’m from the BC coast and I’m a preschool teacher. I’m passionate about education, connecting children (and adults) with nature, nurturing creativity, being active outdoors and working on figuring out how to weed the junk out of life and focus on what actually matters. Harry is currently an electrical apprentice, he’s also a trained geologist, a handy man, an excellent cook and an enthusiastic surfer. He also races on a Melges 24 called Sunnyvale. Harry is from the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. We met when Harry was on working holiday teaching surfing in Ucluelet, BC. The ever lovely Woody lives with us as well. He has adjusted well to life as a boat dog.

Woody at the mooring in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, BC.

Harry grew up sailing and living aboard in New Zealand and in the South Pacific with his family, so the whole idea was pretty familiar to him from the start. While I have some sailors in my family, and had been sailing as a kid on my dad’s little boat, I was by no means a competent sailor or familiar with living aboard when we first talked about the idea. We had recently been out cruising around the Bay of Islands near Harry’s home town in NZ, which I had loved, so it seemed like an adventure I might enjoy. But a major draw for me was also having a home that was mine. It was hard to picture myself ever being able to afford to buy a house, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be stuck in one place for so long. While a boat can be a very expensive toy, it can also be an extremely cheap house, if you’re willing to embrace a slightly different lifestyle. The fact that it can take us around the world one day is a definite bonus.